Timea Szábo answers Ráhel Orbán, the daughter of leader Viktor Orbán

Timea Szábo answers Ráhel (Rachel) Orbán, the daughter of “leader” Viktor Orbán, who allegedly by her own means and capital is able to study in Lausanne, Switzerland (and will be not supported by the Hungarian “leader) – The original version of the declaration below has been published in Hungarian by Mrs. Szabó, member of the Hungarian Parliament for PM, on December 19, 2014, on facebook. Zoltán Fábján-Nagy did translate it for us into English.

I also, like the most of my generation, very proud of my mother and my father that they worked their

Ráhel Orbán in Lausanne

Ráhel Orbán in Lausanne

whole life and reared me. Unfortunatelly I’m less proud that my mother after 40 years of work recieve a pension of 90 thousand forints [approximately: 225 GBP, 285 EUR, 350 US-$ PM], but she belongs to the LUCKY ONES! I know your facebook-post was no about this, but I can not stop to count if she doesn’t eat or pay the bills than she can buy such a cool handbag like Árpád Habony owns it (Árpád Habony has a Gucci luxury bag approx. 1500 US-$).You know, Ráhel Árpád Habony is the other own resource guy like you and your company, furthermore, unlike you, he never did work in the hotel industry for 3 years. But no worries, the PM (Dialogue for Hungary party), investigate right now that how could he (Árpád Habony) reach his billions while he is unemployment. If you like, we will be happy to start a same investigation for you, than all of the malicious gossip about your Swiss school will be over.

Orbán Viktor illiberális (sic!) demokráciája

Orbán Viktor 2014-es tusnádfürdői beszédét már sokan, sokféleképpen elemezték, mi csak két kérdést teszünk fel erre vonatkozóan.

1.)    Miért veti el most, 2014-ben – a 2007-ben még a keresztény nyugat demokráciája mellett elkötelezett Orbán Viktor – a nyugati mintájú liberális demokráciát?

1a) Vajon Orbán Viktor a liberális demokráciának melyik jellemzőjével nem ért egyet?

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